What is New with Special Olympics Oregon?

Photo of basketball game with Special Olympics Oreogn logo centered ad overlaid

We Have a New Website!

Special Olympics Oregon officially launched our new website in May 2020! This will be a major resource in the years to come acting as a tool to improve what we as an organization can do for our community and more importantly our athletes. Coincidentally, if you are reading this article, YOU'RE HERE! Take a look around, tell us what you think of the new place! Even more than that, share your favorite photos from Special Olympics events with us as we plan to update the site frequently. We want this new site to bridge the gap between us and our people and work toward all of our benefits!

Thank you to the folks at Roger That! for their expertise and generous support in making this happen. Without their amazing team logging countless hours on our site we wouldn't be sharing this with you here today. Head to their site here. Meet their team here. And experience their amazing work, first hand, here. If it sounds like we are raving, it's because we are.

SOOR Active

In addition, our organization has also started sharing additional health, fitness and wellness information and opportunities via social media through an effort called SOOR ACTIVE.  The main platform for information sharing will be the Special Olympics Oregon Facebook page.  The focus of these resources will be to keep our athletes and volunteers engaged, active and connected at a time when we need to be separated.  The goal is not to burden our local program leaders or coaches with more work during this stressful time but rather to provide an on-line platform for our athletes to be connected during a time when many will be feeling especially isolated.


Special Olympics Oregon will continue to share updates to our stakeholders and will post information on our website as we learn more about this ever-changing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

(See the April COVID-19 update article here)

THANK YOU all for your continued commitment and dedication to our mission and to our athletes, partners, coaches, volunteers, families and supporters across the state. Please continue to reach out to Special Olympics Oregon staff if you need anything.  We are here for you.

Be safe out there.  Take care of yourselves.  We miss you all and look forward to the day when we can all gather again.