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Volunteer Spotlight: Rydell Nelson

Rydell is currently a college student at Portland Community College and first got involved with SOOR Esports beginning in May while SOOR prepared for our pilot season. Rydell put his expert gaming skills to work by providing technical and administrative support. His favorite part of volunteering on this program has been team development and getting to know the athletes.

“It has been so much fun gaming on Unified teams and getting to know athletes has been such a blast!”

Esports have proven to be a positive alternative for athletes during this time. Rocket League gives athletes an opportunity to stay in contact with their friends and talking to each other while engaged in an enjoyable competition. For SOOR athletes, Unified Partners and volunteers, like Rydell, online gaming has recently become the best way to hang out with friends!

Rydell is excited for the opportunity SONY is giving us to grow our SOOR Esports community and is looking forward to an incredible season 2 on Rocket League!


The last day to register for Esports Season 2 is Friday, August 7th, 2020. Season 2 kicks off on Monday, August 10th at 6pm.



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