Volunteer Spotlight: Nilda Arms

78 year old Nilda is not letting anything slow her down.  She’s always looking for ways to get involved.  She decided to coach Winter Virtual Games and loved it!  Nilda said, “I had a great time!  It was so much fun making friends with the athletes and teaching them exercises.”

This wasn’t Nilda’s first time volunteering with SOOR.  She’s a member of the Caveman Kiwanis group in Grants Pass and has helped at bowling and athletics regionals.  The Kiwanis even hosted the bowling awards celebration.

Nilda is excited to be able to see the athletes in-person again. But meanwhile, she’s going to continue her virtual coaching.  After all, she still gets to see her team via zoom calls. She also connects with the athletes both in and out of season just to chat.

 “SOOR is a wonderful organization. It allows the opportunity for athletes to show their capabilities.”

She challenges others to sign up to be a virtual coach and join the team!

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