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Volunteer Spotlight: Jill Carey

UCS Partner Jill:


Jill Carey is a special education teacher at Forest Grove High School and is also the Unified Champion Schools (UCS) liaison.  Jill started her involvement with UCS 13 years ago while she was an elementary school teacher at Joseph Gale also in Forest Grove.  Because of her leadership and vision, the UCS program at Forest Grove High School is one of the best in the nation.  


Jill started a successful Unified Sports program at Forest Grove High School that competes alongside other school teams and as part, she has countless memories and outstanding accomplishments under her belt.  Jill was honored as the 2015-2016 Oregon Coaches Association Unified Coach of the year.  And, in 2016 Forest Grove High School received National Banner status and recognition for their outstanding UCS program. Forest Grove High School won first place in the Unified Basketball Exhibition State Championship in 2017 and although Jill did not coach the team, she loved cheering them on.  This was one of the first State titles for Forest Grove High School and the team was honored with a parade in the school hallways and assembly the week after winning the championship. 


She then introduced Unified Theatre where each year the Drama teacher writes a play that is performed in front of their school, other schools, and the community.  Governor Brown and the Forest Grove School Board attended an earlier performance. 


Even during the comprehensive distance learning this past year, Jill has found a way to offer virtual programming.  She has created ways for students to engage in virtual Unified soccer, Virtual Unified Basketball, Virtual Bike Run Bike, Virtual Fitness Challenge, and Weekly Virtual Leadership meetings.  In addition, her students hosted a Virtual Youth Leadership Summit for other high school students around the state.