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Volunteer Highlight: Irene Song

Irene Song wearing polar plunge 5k/10k medal and giving thumbs up to camera

Irene is an athlete in the Washington County local program. She started participating in elementary school and has been going strong for more than 30 years! Irene has competed in many sports but her favorites are volleyball and softball! “Being part of the team” is what she likes best about Special Olympics Oregon!

Irene volunteers in the SOOR state program office in Beaverton! This is her one year anniversary volunteering with us! Irene doesn’t have a favorite job – “she likes them all!”. She says the best part about volunteering in the office is “seeing your guys smiling faces!”.

Irene’s mom is also a volunteer – at a nursing home! Both Irene and her mom’s volunteer positions are on hold right now, so they try to keep busy at home! Irene gets exercise daily! One of her favorites is doing Zumba! Her and mom’s only outings are to the grocery store. Irene wears her old ski mask to protect herself! Oh that’s right … she was part of the ski team for many years. Still putting that old equipment to us!

Irene – we are really looking forward to being back in the office and having you working by our side!