Volunteer Highlight – Donna and Eric Thorpe

We celebrate our new Local Program Coordinators (LPCs) for Lincoln County! 

 Donna and Eric Thorpe love seeing the athletes and the enjoyment they get from participating in sports.  They love to “watch them grow and blossom throughout the sports season.” They’re quick to add, “It enlightens us to see them having a good time – whether they’re winning or losing.”  Donna and Eric are excited to be in the LPC roles and know that “the most important thing is to get going! We want to meet our athletes and parents and let them know that we’re going to get things going.”  

 Eric’s son, Wyatt, started participating with SOOR in Jackson County when he was 8 years old.  Eric and Donna stayed for all the practices and it didn’t take long before they were helping out, then coaching, then part of the Local Program Management Team.  They loved everything they’ve been involved with. 

 After moving to Lincoln County two years ago, Eric and Donna knew they had to get involved again but there were limited activities due to Covid.  They are now taking the lead to get the program back into action. They’re contacting facilities, recruiting coaches, reaching out to athletes and parents and meeting with their management team. They are ready to go!  

 Wyatt is now 22 years old, still lives in Jackson County and still participates in SOOR.  Eric says, “He loves to compete, loves to win and loves to show off.”  Donna and Eric laughingly say, “He’s a show-boater especially if there’s a cute girl around.”  Eric’s pretty competitive too.  Everyone’s thinking it will be fun to have Dad coaching a team that competes against Wyatt’s team!  That will make for some great family stories.