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Volunteer Spotlight: Greg Edwards  

SOOR Active Coach: Greg Edwards 


“Being a coach for SOOR is a priority because I enjoy doing it so much.  I schedule it on my calendar, and if other stuff comes up, I schedule it around my practice.  My athletes are my priority.”   Greg’s favorite thing about SOOR is, “the relationships I build with the athletes in the sport and out of the sport! I get to know their family and their back story.  These relationships are genuine and some of the best relationships I’ve ever been able to build with people.” 


Greg moved to Oregon three years ago and was looking for some cool volunteer opportunities. He found SOOR and loved coaching from the moment he started.  Greg coaches year-round – powerlifting in the Winter, Athletics in the Summer and Volleyball in the Fall.  So, what did Coach Greg do when Covid hit?  He started coaching virtually, of course!  He coaches two sports each season.  He misses seeing the athletes in-person and says that coaching virtually is more difficult.  But Greg makes the best of our virtual world by taking the time to chat with each of the athletes a few times a week.  He knows that social interaction is so important and enjoys checking in with the athletes on form and sports skills, but also just catching up about what’s happening in their lives. 


Coach Greg is excited for what is to come for SOOR and its athletes: “I definitely plan on being involved with SOOR for the rest of my life – coaching!  It’s become a very big part of my life and a big part of my identity.  It makes me feel good and I enjoy it. It’s family!”