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Staff Spotlight, Logan Dzatko

Logan joins Special Olympics Oregon as a Sports Manager where he will plan and run the SOOR sporting events throughout the year with the help of his coworkers and the many volunteers who will assist them. 

Born in Logan, Utah but raised in Tucson, Arizona, Logan Dzatko has always had a passion for sports and helping others to get involved with recreation and play. He has always been the type of person to include everyone in the activities he is a part of and wants everyone to be given the same opportunities he was.

He received his BA in Parks and Recreation from Utah State University and his Master’s degree from Old Dominion University. He has worked for many different recreation programs and departments including city recreation, collegiate campus recreation, luxury recreation clubs, and the United States Navy recreation department. He loves being able to take his knowledge and experience from each of these programs and apply them to his position within SOOR.

Logan lives with his two cats and in his free time loves to build Legos, watch anime or anything sci-fi or fantasy, and read and listen to audiobooks. You can find him at the gym after work or at a park reading in his hammock.