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UCS: Inclusive Youth Leadership

Youth Leadership Summit Group Photo


The Youth Summit experience provides students with and without intellectual disabilities the knowledge, skills and dispositions to take on leadership roles in their schools. Youth Summit provides information as well as team building sessions that are student-organized and student-led.

Team Huddle photo from birds eye view


A Unified Club is a club for students with and without intellectual disabilities that comes together for sports, games, community service, school events, and most importantly, to have fun!

For more information, please contact Jean Hansen at:


Damian Lillard Basketball Camp - Respect Campaign Photo


The RESPECT Campaign is an annual student led campaign that is meant to educate school communities on the negative effects of hurtful and derogatory language, such as the R Word (re-tarded).

To get a Respect Campaign Kit or if you are interested in holding a RESPECT Campaign at your school, contact Jean Hansen at: