Unified Champion Schools (UCS)

Unified Champion Schools (UCS) is a movement that aims to change school communities through the power of inclusion, acceptance, sport and Unified activities.  Unified Champion Schools allows students to be change agents in their communities so that everyone can feel included by their peers. The Special Olympics Oregon Unified Champion School  program is aimed at promoting social inclusion through planned and implemented shared sports training and competition experiences.

We are providing Unified Activities in a virtual way to support our schools and students who still want to be UNIFIED. Contact either Jean Hansen- jhansen@soor.org or Shae Nelson snelson@soor.org for more information about getting your school involved in the activities below.

Esport Ambassador


Currently, we have a weekly Esports Rocket League, presented by PlayStation. Schools can be provided gaming consoles and headsets for students to use. If you would like to start a Unified esports team, let us know and we will provide an overview and training.



Youth Leadership Summits provide students and teachers with an overview of Unified Champion Schools activities.  These summits are student-led and there is time at the end for schools to brainstorm and create a plan for implementing activities.  The next Virtual Youth Leadership Summit will be in February so reach out to us to get your students registered.



5k Walk and Runs - We can work with schools to offer their own virtual 5K walk or run. Students, family members and teachers can all participate.  Schools choose the date(s) they want the Virtual 5k to take place. We can provide bib numbers and awards.

Unified Basketball - In January 2021, we will kick off our Virtual Unified Basketball season. We have organized a skills contest where each team member does it individually. All the individual scores make up a team score so you can compete virtually with other schools via Zoom.

Unified Fitness Packs - We have put together packs that schools can give to students (middle school and high school) so they can participate in Unified PE or Unified Fitness together. The Unified Fitness packs can be used at school, at home or both. We created Unified Fitness videos for teachers to use in the classroom or for students to use from home.

Unified Young Athletes Backpacks - We have put together these backpacks that schools can give to students ( elementary) so they can participate in our Young Athletes program. There is a series of Young Athlete videos that can be used at school, at home or both.

A Special Olympics Unified Champion School is a combination of three components:

Live Unified Play Unified

Recreation & Player Development

Teammates may be of varying ages and ability levels. However, they must be engaged together on the same team in the activity and in a meaningful and appropriate manner.

Competitive Teams

Teammates are of similar age and ability level. Develop league and championship play against other schools within the same school district.