Unified Champion Schools (UCS)

Unified Champion Schools (UCS) is a movement that aims to change school communities through the power of inclusion, acceptance, and determination. UCS brings together students with and without intellectual disabilities to be change agents in their communities so that everyone can have an authentic participatory and competitive experience in school-based activities! Special Olympics Oregon UCS is aimed at promoting social inclusion at all school-aged levels from elemenatry to post-secondary education!

A Special Olympics Unified Champion School is a combination of three components:


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Master Calendar of Events
August 2022-June 2023

From back-to-school Webinars to regional sports tournaments, to the plunges- we got it all! Bookmark our "living" master calendar and mark key dates as we attempt to keep information at your fingertips.

Don't see your game? Are we missing an event? Let us know at ucsoregon@gmail.com!

Plane Pull

Plane Pull
September 16

50% of funds raised back in your UCS pocket? YES, PLEASE!

Build your heroic Unified Team and recruit up to 10 Pullers. UCS teams receive half of what they raise back to spend on their team's needs!

Live Unified Play Unified

Recreation & Player Development

Teammates may be of varying ages and ability levels. However, they must be engaged together on the same team in the activity and in a meaningful and appropriate manner.

Competitive Teams

Teammates are of similar age and ability level. Develop league and championship play against other schools within the same school district.

Ready to promote inclusion in your school?
Contact Jean Hansen at jhansen@soor.org and Joslynn Bigelow jbigelow@soor.org for more information about getting your school involved in the activities above.