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SOOR Active

Fitness. Nutrition. Inclusion. Mindfulness.

Wellness Community

Special Olympics Oregon is committed to keeping our athletes active, healthy, and engaged during this time that we are unable to offer sports training. SOOR Active an athlete-driven At Home Fitness Community focused on health and wellness resources for the Special Olympics Oregon community. Our goal is to provide a virtual platform where athletes, unified partners, volunteers, and family members can stay connected and active during a time when many may be feeling especially isolated. This group is for everyone! It is a safe space, rooted in inclusion, kindness, and positivity.

School of Strength

Special Olympics School of Strength is an interactive online platform that encourages athletes to participate in a fun and engaging training program that they can do in the comfort of their own homes. Developed in partnership with WWE superstar Becky Lynch, this series of videos, a fitness tracker, a coach’s playbook and a caregiver toolkit all contribute to helping athletes focus on nutrition and fitness and getting the most out of their workouts.

Fit 5

The Special Olympics Fit 5 program makes it easy for anyone to get fit and encourages athletes to remember these three simple actions:

  • Exercise 5 days a week
  • Eat 5 total fruits & vegetables per day
  • Drink 5 bottles of water per day
Unified Fit 5

SOOR Active Fitness

Stay fit with SOOR Active coaches and instructors!  Explore our fitness video library on Youtube.


Strong Minds

(emotional health)

Strong Minds is an interactive learning activity focused on developing adaptive coping skills. Competition provides a natural opportunity to develop active strategies for maintaining emotional wellness under stress, such as: thinking positive thoughts, releasing stress and connecting with others.

Download the Strong Minds Activity Guide

30 Day Deep Breathing Challenge

Practice taking 10 deep breaths each day for the next 30 days! Deep breathing is a great way to reduce stress, feel calm, improve your digestion and energize your body. It helps us deal with life's challenges and our emotions in a healthier way. Happy breathing!

More Info  |  30-day Chart

Mental Toughness in Sports

We are all familiar with the physical side of sport, but many of us have not taken much time to consider the mental and emotional aspects that sports can have on us. In this 4 part series, SOOR intern Anna Hansen leads athletes through 1-hour interactive sessions that focus on setting goals, motivation, performance states, and mental pre/post competition activities. Athletes will learn valuable tools for dealing with their emotions and mindset when participating in sports.

Session 1: Goal Setting

Session 2: Motivation

Session 3: Ideal Performance State

Session 4: Pre and Post-competition


See SOOR Active’s calendar for upcoming Social Hours and other opportunities to connect, socialize and have fun with other athletes!

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Interested in volunteering to lead a fitness or wellness class in SOOR Active?  Contact and let us know what you have in mind!