SOOR Active 2nd Anniversary 

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the growth and success of the SOOR Active community which celebrated its 2nd anniversary on April 2nd.  We created this program 2 years ago with the intention to provide opportunities for athletes to stay connected and healthy safely at home during the pandemic when in-person activities were halted.  I couldn’t have imagined what this virtual community would evolve into these past few years and the friendships and connections it would create.  It’s been so special to witness athletes from all over Oregon connect socially and develop friendships that they may not have had the chance to make.  I’ve also really enjoyed cultivating an inclusive environment where athletes from all around the United States are welcome and encouraged to participate alongside our athletes – another opportunity to build friendships and community outside of Oregon which is also limited for most athletes.  


In addition to the incredible athletes that show up each day and week to attend classes and share their health accomplishments, we couldn’t be where we are without our amazing facilitators and volunteers who lead classes!  The dedication and commitment of our SOOR Active facilitators has been the glue that’s held this virtual programming together so we can offer a variety of engaging and meaningful opportunities for athletes.  Special thanks to all our facilitators throughout these 2 years that have volunteered their time and energy to keeping SOOR Athletes active and healthy!  We couldn’t do this without you. 


A personal highlight for me has been integrating more mindfulness and wellness elements into SOOR programming that empowers athletes to manage their emotions and feelings in healthy ways.  I’ve watched athletes really lean into breathing techniques, meditation, and other easy practices to approach stress, anxiety, depression and other big emotions, and the positive impact it’s had within their day to day lives, especially throughout the pandemic.   


It warms my heart to know that this special co-created space has brought so much purpose, connection, friendship, and structure for so many athletes, volunteers and families.  It’s been an honor to work on this program and such a fun journey to be a part of.  I appreciate everyone who’s contributed to the success of this vital community and all that it continues to provide! 


Stay active, 

Alix Wasteney 

Fitness + Wellness Specialist