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Regional Basketball Tournament in Portland

The 2023 Special Olympics Oregon Winter Regional Games Basketball Tournament at University of Portland is now just over a week away on Sunday, March 5, 2023.  We are very excited to return to this amazing venue for competition after a 3-year hiatus due to COVID restrictions.


Great news!  We were able to recruit a community team of players (Team Rusty) that will be a good match up for our Division A Multnomah Big Trouble team.  Updated schedules reflecting this update are attached (Excel and PDF).  No other changes were made to divisions or schedule.

See you all on Sunday. Safe travels.

–  Mark H.


Please review the UPDATED information below and attached and share with your athletes, coaches, and supporters.  The 3v3 Half-Court divisons and schedule have changed.  Reminder, if you do not have training this weekend due to weather issues, please still be sure to pass this information along as soon as possible.  If you need assistance, please work with your Local Program Coordinator and Sports Manager.  If you have any questions, please send an email immediately to or call/text Mark Hanken at 971.404.1322.

Participating local programs: Clackamas, Hermiston/Pendleton, Hood River, Multnomah, Washington (3v3 only)


  1. Divisions and Game Schedule (PDF Version) as of 2/27/2023
  2. Divisions and Game Schedule (Excel Version) as of 2/27/2023
  3. UP Campus Map – SOOR BballThis shows campus venues as well as parking and bus drop-off.
  4. UP Bus Drop Off and Bus Parking Map – Lower CampusPlease be sure to use this if you are coming by large team bus.
  5. Events by Idea (EBI) Merchandise Flyer
  6. Results by Bracket
  7. Results – Individual Skills 


Venue (see maps for car parking and bus drop-off instructions):

University of Portland

Chiles Center Arena (3 courts) and Beauchamp Rec. Center (2 courts) – these buildings are very close to each other

5000 N Willamette Blvd

Portland, OR 97203

Important Parking and Bus Drop-Off Information:

  • BUSES (see specific Bus Drop Off & Lower Campus Bus Parking Map)
    • Must enter on N. Portsmouth Ave and drop off passengers in front of the Beauchamp Recreation Center (please see Bus Drop Off map).
    • Please DO NOT use main campus entrance as it is too narrow and turning around is very difficult.
    • It is a very short walk to Chiles Center Arena from the bus drop off.
  • CARS (See Campus Venue Map)
    • Should enter main entrance and may park in any unrestricted spot in the large lot.
    • Parking is free for this event.
    • Please respect any restricted/reserved parking areas.


Sunday, 3/5/2023 – General Schedule of Events at University of Portland

6:30am to 7:30am           Staff & Games Committee Arrivals at Chiles Center Arena (morning set up, etc…)

8:30am                               Day of Event Volunteer Check-in Begins at Chiles Center Arena

8:45am to 9:15am           Coach Check-in at Chiles Center Arena (all teams)

9:15am                               Head Coaches Meeting at Chiles Center Arena (all teams)

9:35am                               Opening Ceremonies at Chiles Center Arena (all teams)

10:00am                             5v5 Competition starts at Chiles and Beauchamp – Awards after completion of divisions (more information about location of awards will be reviewed at coach and posted at tournament headquarters)

10:00am                             Individual Skills Competition at Beauchamp Rec Center with awards immediately following competition

11:00am                             Lunch Service for ALL TEAMS Begins at Chiles Center Pilot Club (upstairs) – all 3v3 teams should plan to eat at 11am.  5v5 teams and ISC should break for lunch as time in schedule permits.

12:00pm                             Brief 3v3 Half Court Coach Briefing at Beauchamp Rec Center

12:30pm                             3v3 Competition Starts at Beauchamp Rec Center – Awards at venue as each division concludes

5:00pm                               Event Concludes



  • Division A is a one-team division.  We are working to find team(s) to play exhibition games vs Multnomah Big Trouble to ensure proper level of competition.   We currently have slotted 3 games into the schedule as a placeholder.
  • Divisions C, D, TB, TC are three-team divisions. Teams will first compete in a round robin format. Results from round robin play will determine seeding for the gold medal game based on the hierarchy listed below. The third seed will not compete in a playoff and will be awarded the bronze medal based on round robin results.
  • Divisions B, TA are four-team divisions. Teams will play in a round robin format. Results from round robin play will determine placement based on the hierarchy listed below.
  • Results/Seeding Hierarchy:
    1. Record
    2. Head-to-head
    3. Points against
    4. Points for
    5. Award the same (B, TA) / Flip coin for playoff seeding (C, D, TB, TC)



  • Travel IssuesScratches/Delays – If weather creates delays or team cancelations due to unsafe driving conditions or other issue, please let Mark Hanken know immediately by texting 971.404.1322 (mobile).
  • Coaches Meeting – The coaches meeting will take place at 9:20am.  Each team is required to have a representative at this meeting.   If you have 3v3 team and need to arrive later, please let us know.   First 5v5 games + skills will begin at 10:00am after the opening welcome.
  • Lunches – We will provide lunches to all registered players and coaches.   These will be boxed lunches featuring sandwiches – ham, turkey and vegan with some GF available (limited number).  If you have delegates with stricter dietary restrictions, please plan accordingly by bringing your own food.
  • Concessions – There will be concessions available at this event – located in Chiles Center.  There are also some stores and shops within short driving distance.  Teams are encouraged to bring refillable water bottles.
  • Gym Rules – No food/drink or outside chairs allowed on any gym floors.  NO FOOD OR DRINK besides water allowed within Beauchamp Rec Center.
  • Souvenirs – Events by Idea will be on site selling custom screened SOOR t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, and other gear.  See attached flyer.
  • Spectator Seating
    1. At Chiles Center Arena all spectators will be seated in the bleachers upstairs (elevator available).  There is no seating at floor level.  Only teams competing or about to take the court should be at floor level.
    2. At Beauchamp, there is also seating available.  If more seating is needed, additional chairs will be provided.  No outside chairs allowed.
  • Service animals – Only service animals (that are identified) are allowed to be in buildings.  Please do not bring pets to this event.
  • Family/Spectator parking – Autos can park in main lot.  There is no charge to park on Sunday.  Please don’t park in any reserved spots.
  • Event Medical- In event of emergency, 911 will be contacted. For non-emergencies, a first-aid medical team will be on site.  They will assess any injuries and be in touch with coach/family members should transit to local hospital is necessary.  They will also have ice and other first aid supplies should team members need them.   
  • Divisions were created based on past results, coach/local program feedback, and Team Evaluation Questionnaires with the intent to have fair and quality match ups.   This is a smaller tournament since the former metro regional has been split into two events again this year.  It means that teams will be assigned to divisions that may appear different than years past since we only have 3 divisions in 5v5 at one location at this tournament as opposed to the 10 to 12 5v5 divisions at metro tournaments spread over 3 venues in the past.

Thank you for your hard work this season.  We look forward to seeing everyone in person!  Best of luck to all with your final training and safe travels.