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Plane Pull 2023 has launched! 

It’s time to hit the ropes and show Special Olympics Oregon athletes that we are Pulling for a Purpose to make a difference in their lives! We hope you will join us on Saturday, September 16 at Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum.

Plane Pull is more than just a test of your physical strength and ability to work as a team. It is a one-of-a-kind experience that will unlock your inner champion! After all, how many people can claim to have pulled a 40,000-pound plane? Best of all, your brawn supports programing for Special Olympics Oregon athletes.

This is a great chance for team building with your co-workers and forgathering friends, family or other groups you may belong to. Teams of 10 are challenged to pull the plane 50 feet in the fastest amount of time. Each team is required to raise $1,000 which supports athletes in your community. 

If physical strength competition isn’t for you, please join us to watch the fun and enjoy other activities at the event.

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