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Paul W Harvey IV – Volunteer Photographer Spotlight

Q: You’ve been involved with Special Olympics Oregon (SOOR) since 1995! Can you share more about your volunteer journey?  

A: I started a city league rec softball team at the University of Oregon Library (where I work), way back in 1995! There was a flyer in the registration packet seeking volunteers to help coach softball for Special Olympics Oregon. I called a friend, who agreed it sounded fun, and we volunteered. At the end of the season, we asked “What’s next?”  

For the next quarter century, we coached softball and basketball, including a few years playing on a Unified team. I added bowling to my repertoire in 2002 when I was selected for the 2003 World Games. That was the first of three World Games as a bowling coach. I also coached bowling for Team Oregon at the 2006 and 2010 USA Games.  

Q: Wow – that is quite the resume! What inspired you to transition to a volunteer photographer?  

A: I always had a camera with me and during/after the pandemic, I transitioned to being a volunteer photographer. I cover a lot of competitions for SOOR and have also covered the past two USA Games for SONA, the Detroit Unified Cup for SOI, this year’s SONA Unified Bowling Tournament in Las Vegas, and the 2023 World Games in Berlin for SO USA. 

Q: What resonates with you most about the SOOR mission?  

A: In a word – inclusion. Inclusion is the key both in SOOR’s mission statement, and in their work. Inclusion makes for a better world.