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Olive Nye

Introducing Olive Nye a new Unified Partner to Special Olympics Oregon.

This is Olive’s first Special Olympics event, and she is very excited to partner with SOOR athletes as a Unified Partner. She knows this will help her address the challenge of consideration for and understanding of others’ perspectives and finding ways to collaborate with all others.

Olive is loyal in her commitments to the things and people that she loves. That makes her proud. She admires Michelle Obama because of her work ethic, courage, and commitment to others. This is a theme with Olive, who is also part of an Environmental Club, social and climate justice organization called Our Future, and several other social justice leadership organizations.

Olive looks forward to these Games as a once in a lifetime chance to meet new people and collaborate with others. In preparation for this she attends her high school practices, goes to the gym to lift weights and play basketball, and also coaches youth basketball. Team Oregon is so excited to have Unified Partner, Olive Nye with us in Orlando!

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