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SOOR Active Move Challenge

WHAT: Join us for a 4-week movement challenge to see how many minutes of exercise you can complete each week.  

WHO: Special Olympics athletes from any state can take part, as well as coaches, volunteers, friends, family and supporters!  

WHEN: April 5th – May 2nd, 2021

HOW: Keep track of how many minutes you exercise (Monday – Sunday).  Every Monday you will report your minutes here >>  How you exercise is up to you!  Any type of intentional exercise or movement will count towards your minutes – taking your dog for a walk, rolling in your wheelchair, dancing, running, yoga, lifting weights, exercise videos, live workouts on Zoom, playing basketball, walking, golfing, riding a bike, jump roping or hiking are all activities you can do.  

Be Honest!  Please provide honest and accurate numbers when recording your results.

Be Social!  As you complete your activities, post pictures on social media.  Use the hashtag #SOORActiveMove

Be Encouraging!  As people post their activities, pictures and progress, encourage your fellow challenge members!  

Be Brave in the Attempt!  Challenge yourself each week!