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Lucy Balthazaar

Introducing Lucy Balthazaar, from Portland

Lucy will be competing in swimming at the 2022 USA Games. She sees these Games as an amazing opportunity to gather with others from her state, competing, and cheering on others. She sees this as proof that all are equal – apart from disabilities – a group of diverse humans, all with feelings. We all want to be loved and accepted.

Adopted in 1997 from Nanning, China, Lucy grew up in a diverse household with two siblings who had also been adopted from other places in China. Her journey to America has proven to be something she’s very proud of, also being able to assimilate and integrate through a four-year inclusive program and coming out with a certificate. Lucy lives independently and relishes that. She graduated from PSU on a Mountain Crest counseling scholarship. She held several leadership positions while she was there.

Challenged by this pandemic and keeping busy while trying to find a job, Lucy now works at Safeway as a courtesy clerk. A busy job. Her experience with Special Olympics has enabled her to meet others who experience disability and to share her experiences. Being in it together is very important.

When not playing, Lucy enjoys hiking, baking and cooking, spending time with friends and family, and dancing at Chinese cultural events. Her parents have learned her culture and helped her expand her opportunities. She admires them!

Lucy is busy walking, eating healthy, going to the river and lake to practice in preparation. Her first USA Games is set to be a great experience!