Law Enforcement Torch Run Council (LETR)

Executive Council

The Executive Council is made up of a group of law enforcement volunteers that are interested in shaping the direction and oversight of Oregon’s Law Enforcement Torch Run campaign.

Chair - Tiffany Monroe

Springfield PD

Chair Emeritus - Capt. Joel Goodwin

Corvallis PD

Capt. Gwen Johns

Stayton PD

Ofc. Kecia Weaver

Bend PD

Ofc. Brian Franzzini

Salem PD

Sgt. Jan Childers

Port of Portland PD

Capt. David Abrahamson

Portland Police Bureau

Sgt. Rick Hathaway

Multnomah Co Sheriff's Office

Capt. Marsha McCorkhill

Coffee Creek Correctional Institution (Retired)

Deputy Chief Jim Hamilton

Grants Pass Department of Public Safety