Hero Spotlight: Jennifer Ruwart, Roger That

Headshot of Jennifer Ruwart, Roger That CEO

Special Olympics Oregon (SOOR) officially launched our new website on May 1, and we’re singing the praises of Jennifer Ruwart, CEO of Roger That, and her wonderful team.

As the founder and CEO of Roger That, Ruwart’s mission is to help growing businesses and nonprofits to stand out, attract more customers, and grow sales. And they make the process easier, smarter, faster, and downright enjoyable!

What’s her secret sauce? Unusual depth and breadth of experience, from working in both Fortune 50 and Fortune 500 companies to serving in the nonprofit world, first as a Peace Corps volunteer in Mongolia, and later in senior roles for various nonprofits. She says, “This experience gives me a deep empathy for my customers, big and small, and the capability to deliver beautiful brands, websites, and marketing assets that fill them with delight. I love working with people who are in the business of doing good – whether it’s good food or good causes or good solutions to important problems.”

It’s this focus on doing good in the world that makes Roger That a perfect partner for SOOR.

Soon after moving to Portland in 2018, our CEO, Britt Oase, met Ruwart over a coffee. Oase noted, “I immediately recognized her as a talented professional who exudes empathy, kindness, and joy. I really hoped the stars would align where we could work with each other in some way.”

At this time, SOOR was in a very challenging place financially. As the team was navigating through rebuilding SOOR, Ruwart shared advice and support. And by early 2020, SOOR was ready to invest in up-leveling their website to better share its mission and impact.

Ruwart deeply understood SOORs values and vision and wanted to empower them to
more effectively tell our story and serve our community.

She said, “I saw that they were at an inflection point where their current site was damaging their efforts. They needed to be able to share the compelling stories about their athletes and volunteers, provide a platform for corporate partners, make it easy for foundations and donors to understand what the needs of the organization are and have easy access to the financial statements and case for support, and engage the community in fundraising events and opportunities to get involved.”

There are a lot of ways to give back and make a difference in your backyard. One of Ruwart’s way is the work she and her team at Roger That have supported SOOR.

Putting their heads together Oase and Ruwart created a plan that would enable SOOR to uplevel their brand without depleting their budget. Roger That decided to give SOOR a hug, in the way of a new website with much of the services being provided pro bono.

Ruwart says, “This is really a way for us to put something positive out in the community, both for SOOR and for the people it serves. This program makes our entire state better by promoting inclusion, respect, and honoring diversity. Thousands of people rely on it to provide health and fitness benefits, social engagement, and a connection to their community.”

On behalf of SOOR and the people it serves, we thank Jennifer Ruwart and her team at Roger That for our beautiful new website.

“Jennifer is one-of-a-kind, and we couldn’t be more pleased with the outcomes of this project. I would encourage any company or organization to consider her services if you are looking to redefine your brand, engage differently with your customers, or launch a new website. She is the epitome of integrity, excellence, and a good heart,” says Oase.

To connect with Jennifer Ruwart, email her at jennifer@rogerthat.agency.

To learn more about Roger That, go to www.rogerthat.agency.