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Jacob Aguilar

Introducing Jacob Aguilar, from Bend in Oregon.

Jacob sees this USA Games as a great opportunity to be participating again. He expects a fun time, working toward another medal.

A Special Olympics athlete since 2017, Jack is no stranger to hard work and the rewards that come with that. Winning medals is one of his favorite things to do! In that first year, his team took 3rd place in soccer – it was the first of many great outings.

Jacob played all four years at Bend High School and reveled in the competition. It changed his life by giving him sports skills and the excitement of being chosen and included. He has always been excited to play!

Jacob has other hobbies including hiking and going to the pool. He loves playing with his dog. He is close to his family, who are always happy to hear that he is playing somewhere. They prepared him well to do his best at everything.

In preparation for this USA Games, Jacob is beginning to practice basketball on his own and with his family. Getting chosen for this event has made him very happy!