Hero Spotlight: Coach Feld

Coach Aaron feld raised over $10,000 for Special Olympics Oregon and the Eugene/Springfield program through his #45daychallenge.


Words from Coach Feld from his #FILLtheSLEEVES GoFundMe page.


“Why do we FILL the SLEEVES?
49752916_1595100252227008_r.jpegWe fill the sleeves to put positive vibes into the world, ONE RIPPED SEAM AT A TIME! It is a movement centered around positivity and support. It has become an opportunity to give back to the community in a real way that will have a lasting positive impact on many people.

We started the #45dayChallenge to encourage other coaches in our sport to keep “walking the walk” so to speak. As their in-season schedules become more hectic, coaches will often put aside personal well-being to focus one hundred percent on their players and program. The challenge started with this specific group in mind, but it rapidly spread all over the country (in some cases the world) because filling the sleeves knows no boundaries. It is not limited to sports or coaches, and it will carry on long after the original challenge is gone. Fill the Sleeves is about connecting people from all walks of life that want to challenge and support one another on their own personal journeys towards a more positive existence, and of course, TIGHTER SLEEVES!

If you are looking for an easy way to make a HUGE POSITIVE IMPACT, then look no further. DONATE TO SPECIAL OLYMPICS IN THE STATE OF OREGON!!! Every dollar counts and these athletes need your help to fund their year-round sports programs. Your donations will be split 50/50 between the Oregon Special Olympics state office and the local Eugene/Springfield program and will go directly towards funding a variety of items. The Eugene/Springfield program is 100% volunteer driven and serves 300+ athletes. The local program is responsible for raising the needed funds that will go towards providing practice facilities, equipment, transportation and lodging for out of town competitions for the 12 sports the program offers throughout the year.
49752916_1595100209527854_r.jpegThe local program has been working to stay in touch with the athletes during the restrictions imposed by the virus to offer support and activity ideas.

During the pandemic, Special Olympics Oregon state office is delivering virtual fitness, health and wellness programming through social media. More than 700 [now nearly 1,000] members have joined the SOOR ACTIVE at Home Wellness Facebook Group which offers a variety of on-line programming and social opportunities. They are working to also create sports and fitness training materials to be mailed directly into homes along with sports equipment to help ensure athletes stay fit and connected to others – even if they do not have access to social media. Funds will also be used in the future to deliver regional competitions in a variety of sports during winter, summer and fall seasons once participants are able to gather again.

On both the state and local program level, the focus is finding safe ways to offer some type of activity to keep the athletes engaged and active.

Programs have been canceled in recent years due to lack of funding and we have made it our mission to prevent that from happening! THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!!

… and as always…


-Coach Feld