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Harley Lyberis

Harley Lyberis is from Lincoln County. He got his start in Special Olympics as a student at Newport High School, a Unified Champion School. Harley has participated in basketball and track with Special Olympics. He is proud of his accomplishments including being voted as Athlete of the Month in his junior year. Also, because of his leadership and participation in basketball, Harley was awarded his high school Letter for Special Olympics Basketball.

Harley enjoys puzzles and legos. He likes to paint and sketch. He also enjoys playing video games and watching movies. Harley is very social and enjoys being around others, talking about anything and everything.

Harley states, “attending the 2022 USA Games is very important to me. I love participating in Special Olympics, meeting people, learning sports and being competitive with a heart! I look forward to the challenge. Since theCovid-19 pandemic, it has been difficult and I have missed the comradery and fun of playing sports!”