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Create a DIY Fundraiser

Do you have a fun activity or idea to raise money for Special Olympics Oregon? It's easy to create your own custom fundraising page, connect to social media, and share with friends. Some successful examples include car washes, bake sales and walk-a-thons. You can even turn your birthday into a fundraising event for SOOR athletes.

Let the Fundraising begin!

Rowing Competition


Dunk Tank


Fitness Challenge


How it works

  1. Click “Create a Fundraiser Event”
  2. Follow the instructions to create your personal fundraising page
  3. Use the “Manage” feature to customize your page with a profile picture, event title, messaging and more
  4. Share your page directly using email, text, and connect directly to Facebook Fundraiser
  5. Begin fundraising and track your progress!


  • Creating a personal fundraising platform gives you easy visibility
  • Your page allows people to donate directly to your page—even when they live far away!
  • Since the page will be connected to Special Olympics Oregon you can avoid trips to the bank and handling cash and checks*
  • Thank you notes and comments on your page allow you to tell donors how much you appreciate them

*If you receive cash or checks, it’s simple to add “offline donations” to your page along with the information about who donated.

If you would like more information on signing yourself or a team up to volunteer, please contact us at