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Athlete Highlight – Chris Dyer

Photo of Chris Dyer competing during Bocce match

Meet Chris Dyer, a Marion County athlete who has been an active participant with Special Olympics Oregon for the last four years. He competes in both bocce and bowling, but when asked which is his real passion, he responds without hesitation, “Bocce, for sure.” Chris is a great candidate for our 2020 June athlete highlight article for many reasons, but at the core, it’s due to his evergreen positive spirit. During his interview, what he wanted to share most with the Special Olympics community is the importance of keeping your head up in all aspects of life and competition.

“Have a good spirit, be good and be nice to everyone.” – Chris Dyer

Throughout the current quarantine, Chris began participating in SOOR Active, Special Olympics Oregon’s new virtual fitness and wellness community. Even throughout the crisis, Chris has focused on staying active and sharing experiences with his fellow athletes. He mentions that the guided workouts with SOOR Active Fitness Coordinator, Chloe Hammond Bradley have played a pivotal role in him staying healthy and active during the Stay-At-Home order. He even highlighted how he has recruited several of his friends and fellow athletes to join in the workouts.

Here is what Chris’s coach, Sue Hill has to say about him.

“Chris has been a huge asset to Marion County. He is always positive and encouraging to his teammates and his competition…. He says one of his favorite things about being a Special Olympics athlete is meeting new people and making new friends. He does so easily because of his good attitude and kind heart.” – Sue Hill

Thank you for being such an amazing addition to Special Olympics Oregon Chris!