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Chloe LeLuge

Introducing Chloe LeLuge

Chloe is a sophomore at Bend Senior High School. She has been excited to participate in UCS unified basketball. She is excited to try something new in attending the USA Games. Special Olympics has helped her be more inclusive of others as well.

A volleyball player for her high school, Chloe also enjoys and is working to help the environment. She loves to go hiking and on river trips. She volunteers for the US Forest Service. She has been to volleyball Nationals twice with her team. She loves and admires her mom, who works hard to create opportunities for her family, and her Nana, who died in 2017 and was a big part of her family,

Chloe is proud of her personality, which is kind and embracing. Special Olympics Unified Sports has helped her with that, too.
Chloe is off playing basketball this winter for her school and will be going on runs to prepare for this tremendous opportunity.

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