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Caitlyn Calaway

Introducing Caitlyn Calaway, an athlete from Baker City in Baker County.

Caitlyn has been selected to swim for Special Olympics Oregon at USA Games 2022 and is so excited about that. Caitlin has been swimming with Special Olympics for seven years, ever since the beginning of high school. Caitlin gives credit for this to her close relationships with her coach and fellow athletes. Being a person who loves talking to people and smiling a lot, this has been a great experience and has changed her life.

Caitlyn has accomplished so much – she has graduated from high school, she has gotten a job, and she will be swimming for her state! She has overcome a lot, too. Diving made her very nervous at first. She feared slipping and embarrassment. Through constant work, she has become better and better at it.

Caitlyn is a multi-faceted person. She loves fashion, watching movies, listening to K-Pop music, cooking, baking, and going to the beach. Caitlin is a fan of BTS, the singing group. She admires them, too, because they have taught her to be herself and to love herself for who she is. Whenever she feels down, BTS music picks her up again.

Caitlyn has been working hard preparing for her first USA Games, getting ready to swim her best and practicing her breathing skills and getting faster and faster – Florida, here comes Caitlyn!