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Cadence Lange

Introducing Cadence (Cadie) Lange

Cadie has been a Special Olympics Oregon athlete for 11 years when she was 12 years old, starting with basketball and trying many different sports since then. She has gained so much confidence and a sense of community in the meantime.

Being a shy unhappy girl to begin with, feeling set apart and different from everyone else, Cadie joined Special Olympics and was changed. Now she enjoys being active with all the athletes she knows and doesn’t feel alone anymore. She enjoys being social with her parents and groups. She cares about people and enjoys helping at the senior center. And she loves hanging out with her family and participating in Unified Basketball at Liberty High School.
While she couldn’t ride a bike for a long time, she finally managed that. She has since become a cashier at a grocery store – something she never thought she could do before. She is a big admirer of Camila Cabello – loves her voice and her acting.

Cadie is proud of one fact above the others – she never gives up! Outside of Special Olympics, she was Student of the Month at her school and when she wants to try something new, she does it.
Attending USA Games is important to Cadie. She is going for runs when she can, takes walks and tries to eat better. While this is a first for her, she can’t wait to compete and have fun!

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