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Bocce in Beaverton



Special Olympics Oregon

TO:         Bocce Beaverton – Head Coaches

CC:         SOOR Staff; LPCs and Sports Managers; Games Management Team & Officials

FROM:  Mark Hanken, COO

DATE:    June 21, 2024

RE:         2024 SOOR Summer Regional Games Bocce in Beaverton – MOST UPDATED SCHEDULE + INFORMATION as of 21june2024


The 2024 Special Olympics Oregon Summer Regional Games Bocce competition at Mt. View Champions Park in Beaverton on Saturday, June 22, 2024, is just a day away.


A few changes were made to the overall schedule.  Most notable is that Division UFB is now a 3-team division.


Below and attached is MOST UPDATED information to assist you with your planning.  Any scratches made moving forward will be addressed on match day.  No player switches or new teams will be allowed to be formed on match day.  Day of event scratches will result in a forfeit for that player/team.


Please review this MOST UPDATED memo and the attachments carefully and share this with your coaches, athletes, Unified partners, and supporters.  If you have any questions, please let Mark Hanken know ASAP by sending an email to or text to 971.404.1322 (mobile).


NOTE: Scratches have already and will continue to impact the schedule and may require adjustments to divisions.  Please have all your bocce players prepared to arrive early and stay until the final match as schedules can change all the way up to and even on competition day.




  1. 2024 SOOR Summer Regional Bocce Mt. View Champions Park in Beaverton VENUE MAP
  • NOTE:  There are two different parking lots:
    • The South parking lot is accessed off SW 170th Ave (this is the one that navigation will take you to if you plug in the address).  This lot is pretty small and will fill.
    • The North parking lot is a little bigger and is closer to Mt. View MS.  It can be accessed at intersection of Farmington Rd. and Division
  1. 2024 SOOR Summer Regional Bocce Beaverton – MOST UPDATED Divisions & Schedule as of 21june2024 (Excel Doc – 3 tabs)    
    • Master List by Delegation
    • Master List by Event by Division
    • Match Schedule – please reference Master List by Division to find Division and player/team # assignments – instructions on how to read schedule below



Participating Programs: Clackamas, Clatsop, Columbia, Hermiston/Pendleton, Hood River, Marion, Multnomah, Polk, Washington, Yamhill



Venue (see attached map):

Mt. View Champions Park

5915 SW 170th Ave

Beaverton, OR 97007

  • Please note that there are multiple parking options -see map.
  • There is additional parking in front of the middle school (off Farmington Rd.) and in the surrounding neighborhood if both lots do become full.
  • Buses will be asked to drop off and park in a way that does not take up excessive space within the two main lots.  Thank you for your consideration.


Below is the general schedule of events for the bocce competition at Mt. View Champions Park to help with travel plans.


6/22/2024 – BOCCE GENERAL SCHEDULE OF EVENTS – subject to change

8:45am                                  Bocce Coach/Team Check-in Begins at Bocce HQ Tent

9:15am                                  Bocce Head Coaches Meeting at Bocce HQ Tent

9:40am                                  Opening Ceremonies

10:00am                                Bocce First Matches Start Time

11:45am                                Lunch Distribution Begins

12:30pm                                Lunch Break on ALL COURTS (lunch service will begin earlier)

2:40pm                                  Last Matches Start Time

Awards will take place as each division concludes



Important Heat + Health & Safety Reminders:

  • With warm temperatures this time of year (forecasted temperatures in the mid-80s for this Saturday), Special Olympics Oregon will continue to monitor conditions and make decisions about changes to the current schedule accordingly.
  • Special Olympics Oregon uses the Oregon Scholastic Activities Association (OSAA) Heat Index Guidelines to help inform decisions about when to change schedules or cancel events.
  • There are many factors that go into final decisions and some changes may be made as late as the day of event – if conditions warrant.
  • We will have medical volunteers on site to help support any general injuries, illness, or heat-related issues.
  • SOOR will consult with our medical teams, facilities representatives, and sport officials when making on-site heat-related decisions that may impact the schedule.
  • We will also keep open communication with coaches throughout the days leading up to the event and during the event.
  • Water will be available throughout the event, but teams are encouraged to bring additional water bottles, coolers, and cooling towels to help stay hydrated and safe.
  • Please continue to hydrate in the days leading up to the event.




  • Match Length/Time Limits – Each match will now have a 25-minute time limit if a score of 12 (doubles) or 8 (singles) is not achieved by one team/player prior to that.  If match time limits are reduced to mitigate the impact of the weather, this information will be discussed with all coaches on site prior to any final changes to the schedule would be being made.
  • Divisioning – Divisions were created using thoughtful consideration of the level information and team rankings within each Local Program that was provided during the registration process.  An effort to provide variety of opponents from different Local Programs was also considered.
  • The T at the start of a division means it is a Traditional Doubles team – athlete + athlete
  • The U in front means it is a Unified Doubles team – athlete + Unified partner.
  • For Half-Court Singles, there are three distinctions – HC will be used for half court.  If it is a ramp division, an R was also added.  We also had enough athletes to create a non-ramp wheelchair WC division. Genders were combined in HC Singles divisions to create meaningful competition.


How to read the match schedule:

  • Find the team/player in the Divisions tab
  • Find the Division, Match, and # assigned to that team/player name – that is how they are ordered within each division.

o   For example:

Division TMA

#2 – Mult B Fields/L Betts  = Male Traditional Doubles team of Betts and Fields from Mult.  To find them in the schedule, look for TMA matches and then the 2 designation to see what time, which court, and against whom will be playing throughout the tournament. TMA 2 (indicates match # for that division) 1 v 2(indicates the two teams competing).  2 = Mult B Fields/L Betts :



 TMA 1
10:00am1 v 2



NOTE:  The schedule has been color-coded by event type – Half-Court Singles (orange), Traditional Doubles (green), Unified Doubles (blue) to assist in finding your matches.



  • 2-Team Divisions (HCW) – Players/teams will play a best of 3 series.
  • 3- Team Divisions (HCRB, TFE, TMB, TMC, TMG, TMH, TMI, TMY, UFA, UFB, UMA, UMD, UME) – Each player/team will play a round robin (2 matches total).  There will be no playoff round.
    • Awards Tie-Breaker Hierarchy:
  1. Overall Record
  2. Head-to-Head Competition
  3. Fewest Points Allowed
  4. If still tied, then award same place
  • 4-Team Divisions (HCA, HCRA, TFC, TFD, TMA, TMD, TME, TMF, UFC, UFD, UMB, UMF)  – Each team will play a round robin (3 matches total).  There will be no playoff round.
  • 5-Team Divisions (TFA) – Each team will play a round robin (4 matches total).  There will be no playoff round.


    • Awards Tie-Breaker Hierarchy:
  1. Overall Record
  2. Head-to-Head Competition
  3. Fewest Points Allowed
  4. If still tied, then award same place



  • Events by Idea will be on site printing custom SOOR branded gear.


Bocce Uniform Reminders

  • Please reference the 2024 SOOR Bocce Rules and Guidelines for appropriate attire (shorts or pants are both allowed but emphasis on no denim) – 2024 SOOR Bocce Registration Rules and Guidelines
  • Reminder – No open-toed shoes or bare feet permitted by athletes/Unified partners in the bocce competition area.


Bocce Team Tents

  • Teams will be able to set up in designated areas.
  • There will be plenty of space.
  • Staff and event volunteers will assist with guidance when you arrive.
  • Please remember to bring weights or another way to anchor your tents so that they do not fly away in the wind.



2024 SOOR Summer State Quotas

  • Summer State Games quotas have been shared with Local Program Management Teams.  Please work directly with your Local Program Coordinator and Sports Manager.
  • We will briefly touch on Summer State Games and the advancement process during the Head Coach Meeting.




  • Mark Hanken, COO – 971.404.1322 (mobile) – lead staff
  • Joe Harvey, VP of Program & Volunteer Services –  815.990.6003 (mobile)


Good luck to athletes, Unified partners, and coaches with your final preparation for this competition.   See you Saturday!