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Ben Keown

Introducing Ben Keown

Ben Keown is a junior at Bend Senior High, a Unified Champion School. As a Unified Partner, he is excited to travel to Florida and is humbled to be experiencing his first year with Special Olympics.

Basketball is a large part of Ben’s life together with a budding interest in weightlifting. Ben helped lead his 8th grade team to a state championship. He made varsity basketball his freshman year and as a sophomore, he was first in his cross-country’s team first race.

Ben is proud of his athletic accomplishments but also for his ability to treat others well and to look out for those he knows. He values his good grades, involvement in student government, and commitment to cleaning up around town with his cross-country team as much as his skill in sports.
Ben has looked up to his brother, a very strong person despite his own challenges. He has experienced his own challenges throughout life. In 7th grade, he fractured his back in two places and it was hard to keep his mental state in the right place through that. He was unfortunately required to be in a back brace throughout the summer.

Another person Ben admires is Kobe Bryant, who demonstrated throughout life the value of hard work, among so many other amazing traits.
As he trains for this experience, Ben plays basketball both at school and with his club and continues to lift weights. Humbled and super excited, He is really proud to have been pick for this team.