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Avery Schuler

Avery Schuler, a Newberg High school 11th grader from Yamhill County, began her Special Olympics journey as an athlete from Washington County at age 6, with her first competition at age 8. Although her first sport was soccer, she quickly fell in love with swimming and athletics (track & field) with Coach Drain, competing in these individual sports every year. She has participated in Youth Games for many years in Athletics and considers one of her greatest Special Olympics highlights to be advancing from the 50-meter to the 100-meter sprint and winning many gold medals at competitions with her parents in the stands to cheer her on. That achievement qualified her for consideration for participation in the 2022 USA Games. She was initially selected as an alternate and then got the exciting news that she would be activated to compete as a Team Oregon delegate in the Orlando Florida competition in June 2022. She is so excited and can’t wait for her events because in addition to running the 100-meter sprint, and the 4×100 meter relay, this will be the first time she has ever competed in the 200-meter run. She has trained and practiced for this event and is thrilled to get to run it in such a large-scale competition.

In preparing for USA Games, Avery stated, “I’m running any chance I get! I swim once a week, and ride horses once a week.” In addition to staying in shape, Avery said that she has worked hard at “talking with confidence so others understand me.” She is proud of getting good grades in school and enjoys doing her best. She is excited to apply that same motivation at her USA Games competition. She said, “I feel lucky to be a part of Team Oregon and I’m going for a gold medal!” Regardless of the results of her events, she will surely be a great team-player with her ever- positive attitude, determination, and beautiful, captivating smile. For so many reasons, Avery Schuler is an exemplary athlete that represents the best that Special Olympics has to offer.

Congratulations and welcome to Team Oregon, Avery! Thank you for you dedication, commitment, and excitement as a SOOR athlete!