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Austin Baker

Introducing Austin Baker from Bend Senior High School:

Austin Baker is a Special Olympics Unified Partner from Oregon’s Bend Senior High School, one of our Unified Champion Schools. He has enjoyed being an active Unified Partner since he was a freshman. He is also an avid cycler and enjoys basketball, reading, and watching sports. At school he is involved in basketball too, along with football and lacrosse, aside from riding around town and enjoying his community.

An active student, Austin credits his strong work ethic for his abilities and his parents for their involvement. He is proud of himself, deservedly so, and admires the way his parents – both busy professionals – have made time to love and care for him and his sister.

Quarantine due to COVID-19 was very challenging for Austin – one of the biggest he’s had to overcome. But he continues to work toward more and more accomplishments, like participating in the IB (International Baccalaureate) program at his school.

Austin is working hard, training for USA Games, and looking forward to having fun with his athlete friends.