Athlete Spotlight: Kristi Cule

Athlete Kristi Cule is an active member of our online community SOOR Active.  Her participation with Special Olympics Oregon began 36 years ago with she was a 13. Pre-Covid she enjoyed snowshoeing and basketball.  Most recently, Kristi is training and competing in the tennis ball throw, 4×100, 5k and 1-mile walk as part of Fall Virtual Season. Although nothing replaces the comradery formed with in-person athletics, Kristi has enjoyed the flexibility of training at home and being able to fit sport and fitness into her daily schedule.

“[It] doesn’t matter what time of day, you always squeeze in a workout”

She has shared her journey of at-home training on SOOR Active as a way to motivate and inspire her fellow athletes.  Every day on her break from work she posts an update to the online community detailing the ways she is staying active that day. She says that the routine of sharing has helped her keep to her goals in these challenging times.

“I make sure I get enough rest and sleep at night. It can really affect mood and performance. I help others at work and give back to the community.”

Kristi is a Fred Meyer employee and finds innovative ways of getting work done while keeping her body moving! She walks around the whole store multiple times a day to get her steps in, pushes heavy carts for strength training and bags groceries which builds upper body strength and improve posture.  When she is away from the store, Kristi and her husband (also a SOOR athlete) train together by walking and meeting on Zoom with their track coach.

Stay fit is not Kristi’s only goal; she is committed to eating healthy snacks like fruit and nuts, along with more fruits and vegetables. She keeps her mind strong by staying busy around the house with chores, art and other creative projects.

Kristi’s favorite Special Olympics memory is running in the Torch Run with law enforcement officers while participating in Special Olympics Idaho. She was able to carry the torch and run in the front of the line, “it’s one of the coolest things I’ve done!”