Athlete Spotlight – Taylor Scanlon

by Shea Nelson  

Taylor Scanlon is a Special Olympics Oregon athlete from Hermiston, OR.  Taylor first joined SOOR because of his love for basketball.  When SOOR Esports presented by PlayStation started in June 2020, he one was of the first athletes to sign up, as well as one of four in our pilot Rocket League season. “I joined Special Olympics Oregon to have competition that I can actually compete with being physically disabled and loving basketball. I started SOOR esports because of COVID and I have been playing Rocket League even before this. My favorite thing is it is probably more competitive than the other sports.” Taylor is a great goalkeeper and scorer in Rocket League and has been a key athlete in making SOOR esports the success it is today. “I think the community is awesome and everyone is really competitive. Also, the community is very tight-knit I think for the most part,” Taylor shared. 

When he is not gaming, Taylor is also a talented graphic designer and has helped SOOR staff create promotional graphics for our social media pages. “I started gaming at a very young age and I remember loving the GameCube. So, in high school, I took photoshop and video editing classes and it was set up so you make it high production value.  My high school had professional cameras and everything. It was a very fun experience.”  

The impact SOOR and the esports program has had on Taylor is incredible. “I think SOOR esports helped everyone during COVID because it gave everyone something to do once a week and it’s important to have something that you like every week. Video games are a great way to relax and enjoy. Also, it has a few benefits such as response time.” We are excited to see where the future of Special Olympics Oregon Esports presented by PlayStation has for athletes like Taylor, and he is too! “I think if this happens to continue post COVID I would really stress about how fun and competitive it is. Also, I really think it should continue.”