Athlete Spotlight: Bryce Ryall

Happy Mother’s Day!

You can feel the love when Karyn talks about her son.  “It’s very rewarding being his mom.  He’s the sweetest nicest kid you ever meet.  He has a gentle soul and also a great sense of humor.  He wants everyone to be happy!”

Bryce has been participating in SOOR for 8 years.  When asked about his favorite sport, Mom says,  “he likes them all.  The thing he likes most is people!”

In this virtual environment, Karyn taught Bryce to use the computer so he can be independent in zoom classes.  He loves all the opportunities to participate in SOOR Active, virtual games and more.  Bryce also works part-time at Sunriver Brewing.

How does Bryce feel about Mom?  He’s enthusiastic when he says,  “Bryce loves his mommy.  Mommy’s nice.  Mommy takes care of me.”  Bryce and Mom keep busy with walks, exercising, zooming, cooking and lots of other activities.