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Annabeth & Lillibelle Bassingthwaite

Introducing Annabeth Bassingthwaite from Newport High School, one of our amazing USA Games Athletes!

Annabeth Bassingthwaite is a Special Olympics Oregon athlete from Lincoln County. She has enjoyed competing as an athlete in track & field, bowling, and basketball during her time there. The travel and competition with others has been life-changing!

Aside from her participation in SOOR, Annabeth enjoys dance and theater, and has performed in several local dance productions. She enjoys music, waterparks, and reading, art and graphic novels. Annabeth also enjoys attending plays and musicals and participates in other events in her community.

While Annabeth admits she has struggled with aspects of speech and communication in the past, she feels that Special Olympics has been a real benefit to her. In fact, recently she was recognized as Student of the Month at Newport Middle school for 2020-21! Her family, she says, has been a very loving support to her.

As part of Oregon’s USA Games delegation, Annabeth gets to not only participate as an athlete but will also join her sister in the Youth Leadership Experience as well.

New to USA Games, Annabeth looks forward to the entire USA Games experience.


Introducing Lillibelle Bassingthwaite, another one of our amazing USA Games delegates!

Lillibelle Bassingthwaite is a Special Olympics Unified partner from Oregon’s Lincoln County. She has been involved in the organization, serving as a Youth Volunteer and UCS Leadership Chair at Newport High School, for two years. Drawing inspiration from her sister, an athlete, she has been grateful for the chance to be part of the experience and has learned and grown while supporting her sister.

Outside of Special Olympics, Lillibelle is an avid participant in track and field, climate activism, kayaking and working as a barista. Battling her own challenges of depression and anxiety that the pandemic isolation has forced upon her, Lillibelle has worked hard, pushing herself to take opportunities like the ones that Special Olympics have offered. Amazing opportunities have stretched her.

Lillibelle has been active outside Special Olympics as well as within. Whether it’s participating in National Honor Society at school, acting as vice president of the junior class at Newport High School, or chairing the Unified Leadership Committee with her local chapter of Special Olympics, Lillibelle has prided herself on pushing herself toward growth.

Lillibelle’s work in climate activism is very important to her and she greatly admires Swedish activist Greta Thunberg for her outstanding work in this area. Thunberg has worked hard towards “challenging world governments toward climate change mitigation”, all in the face of negativity, bullying, and ableism.

In this, her first USA Games, Lillibelle looks forward to expanding her experiences with Unified Leadership.